Overcoming the obstacles of Covid-19

A senior’s perspective


Ava Parra

Ava & Emma Parra, both seniors, wear masks while traveling.

While Covid-19 is impacting our lives by limiting the places we can go, and things we can do- things that last year we could have done without any problem.

We’ve managed to come this far that we can’t give up now.

Masks are everywhere now. Some people even walk around without one because they have different thoughts about Covid, but that’s our world. Everyone has different opinions about things.

Face masks can be difficult sometimes. For example whenever you talk to someone it could be hard to hear, and also it’s hard for some people to breathe, but we adapt to this new situation that has come to be.

This definitely wasn’t what we thought our life would come to be especially for 2021 seniors. We didn’t think our senior year would be experienced over the computer in Zooms and via Schoology.

Senior year was supposed to be our year- for us to shine throughout our school year. We thought we would do everything that we dreamed of in high school, but unfortunately Covid changed that for us.

No worries- we have come back from what Covid has taken away from us. Now masks are everywhere, and we’ve come to terms with not being able to get exactly what we want with Covid being around.

We all need to be grateful for what we have received- because this is once again our life.