Showing gratitude

Madison Cantu, writer, photographer

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and although the virus has stopped many from having their traditional thanksgiving dinners, everyone should still show how grateful they are to those around them. Here are the best ways to show your gratitude this holiday season:

  1. Serve someone a plate during Thanksgiving dinner
  2. Bake a pie or any of their favorite sweets
  3. Give out handwritten thank you cards
  4. Show physical affection, like hugs
  5. Make small handcrafted gifts
  6. Simply call or send a text expressing your thankfulness
  7. Donate to local food banks/charities
  8. If able to safely, donate your time to make the holidays special for someone less fortunate

In times like these I believe it is more important than ever to show our loved ones that we appreciate them. Simple gestures like these just might make the holidays a little bit brighter for everyone.