Teachers’ ‘Night in the Stadium’ Hit by Snow

Penny Drive ‘winners’ camped on the 50-yard line as flakes fell


The Penny Drive campers got a surprise when their camp out got a blanket of snow. photo donated by Brent Holcomb

Nicholas Ramos , reporter & photographer

This December a Penny Drive to raise money for Hays County Food Bank raised over $600, but there was more to it than just gathering pennies. The top five penny pinchers spent the night in Shelton Stadium during what was possibly the biggest snowstorm Hays HS has ever witnessed.

Here’s what participants Alexandra Bohn, Jesse Fain, Jennifer Weathers, Gaston Romero and Danny Preuss had to say about the experience:

What did you pack for your camp-out?

Bohn: “Leggings, thermal socks, and a t-shirt.”

Fain: ”Warm and comfy clothes, lots of layers.”

Weathers: ”Thick sweat pants and a hoodie.”

Romero: ”Warm clothes, sweats.”

Preuss: “Regular clothes.”

What did you think when you saw the snow start to fall and did you play in it?

Preuss: “The snow was awesome.  Play, no.  Marvel at it, yes.”

Were you excited you got picked?

Bohn: “Yeah! Weathers and I knew we were tough enough.”

Fain: ”Sure, it’s a kind of unique experience.”

Weathers: ”Yes and n0 – I’m not looking  forward to freezing all night, but being picked means that my students were successful in raising money for a good cause.”

Romero: “Yes, I wanted to get picked.”

Preuss: “Not really.”

What did you get out of the overnight experience?

Bohn: “Getting to know some of my coworkers better.”

Fain: “It was a unique experience, not a lot  of people can claim the they spent a night on the 50 yard line in a stadium.”

Weathers: “Playing cards and making memories.”

Romero: “Getting to know other teachers.”

Preuss: “Getting it over with.”

What did y’all d0 to pass time?

Bohn: ”Play ‘Cards Against Humanity’.”

Weathers: ”Play cards and make memories.”

Preuss: ”Talk and watch movies.”

What did you miss the most by not being at home?

Bohn: ”All my cuddly animals. And I guess my boyfriend too.”

Fain: “My family.”

Weathers:  ”Being home warm. I will proably miss my dogs and husband the most.”

Romero: “Family.”

Preuss: “Warmth.”