Scream Hollow haunted house: perfect for Halloween spirit


Madison Cantu, writer


This past Friday, my family and I went to visit the Scream Hollow haunted house attraction. The tickets cost about $31.95 online and $35.95 at the gate for access to the four different haunted houses. 

Once you walk into the attraction, the right side has a stage where live bands can perform. There are restrooms, a bar and even a bakery to satisfy everyone’s needs! Towards the back on the park you can see the four haunted house attractions. They are named “The Mansion of Terror, Coven,” “Lost Pines Asylum,” “Wicked Darkness, The Maze,” and “The Slaughterhouse, Lunatic’s Revenge 2.”

Each haunted house has a specific theme and a story line that gives the visitors a little more information about what they are about to walk into. The lines for each house were relatively fast and followed all the COVID-19 regulations. At the entrance of each house there is a monster who greets the visitors and gives you a rundown of rules and safety precautions, all while staying in character! Hand sanitizer is given to each participant, and a corner is torn off of your ticket before you enter the house. I will not go into detail about each haunted house as I suggest you should purchase a ticket for yourself and get the full experience. I will say though that each house was very well decorated and definitely gave me some good jump scares! 

The actors were very professional in terms of keeping in character and providing you with fright. There were some areas in the houses that had flashing lights and loud noises. If you or anyone in your party is sensitive to bright lights or loud noises I would suggest reconsidering walking through the haunted houses. At the end of some of the haunted houses there were actors with fake chainsaws who would chase out the participants back into the main section of the park and give you an extra rush of adrenaline.

My personal favorite was the “Wicked Darkness, The Maze” house. This particular haunted house makes the participants rely solely on your sense of touch to make it through to the end of the maze and leaves a feeling anticipation wondering if something will jump out at them from the dark. I will admit, my mom and I got lost and ended up taking way longer to reach the end than we had originally thought. If haunted houses or jump scares aren’t quite your thing, you could still visit this park for the great music and food. The bakery had reasonably priced Halloween themed food and the live band that was performing had excellent songs. There was plenty of seating available and clean facilities.

Around the park you can see and interact with various monsters! All of the monsters I had interacted with were very friendly and kept a good distance between themselves and my group. Overall I would 100% recommend this Halloween attraction for anyone who wants a good scare or an all around fun night! This is a definite must for your fall bucket list this year.