Zootopia: Still holding up


courtesy Disney

Raymond Iglesias, writer

Zootopia is one of Disney’s best titles to date, from character design to pacing to plot, there are almost no problems I can come up with for this film. Being branded and marketed as a family-friendly anthropomorphic (creature with human features) animal buddy cop film almost does it an injustice for how it brought up relevant issues in 2016, and especially now in 2020. The story about a young cop breaking the mold by being the first of her kind to become a police officer in a big new town is such an underrated gem that it shocks me sometimes. After realizing that everything wouldn’t be glitter and gold, our protagonist has to undergo trial after trial with ex-“con” Nicholas Wilde, a fox that scammed her earlier as they discover the mystery of missing animals in the city and an ever darker threat of animals going “savage” which is as you’d expect. They return to their primitive ways. Seeing the two grow and seeing their relationship grow always brings a smile to my face. As a closing point this story brings up a very important lesson about something that plagues all of society, racism and handles it extremely well. Overall, Zootopia is an amazing film for those cold winter nights or those hot summer afternoons. 10/10.