Movie review: Hubie Halloween


Emma Rice, writer, photographer

Now that it is October, the holiday season has finally come back around- starting with Halloween. Although coronavirus may cause us to not be able to do some of our favorite Halloween activities, such as going trick-or-treating or going to a haunted house, we can still enjoy some Halloween movies.

Hubie Halloween, starring Adam Sandler, is a new Halloween movie that just came out on Netflix this month. The movie follows a man named Hubie who is not very liked in the town despite his efforts to be nice to everyone. Hubie’s favorite holiday is Halloween and on that day every year, his goal is to make sure that everyone is safe and having a great time. The movie is under the comedy genre but follows a mystery that takes place on Halloween night regarding the disappearance of several citizens.

While watching the movie I found it very funny, but I couldn’t help but feel bad for Hubie during some parts. The movie is rated PG-13 because of “crude and suggestive content, language and brief teen partying,” which is definitely has more than just a little screen time, so I would not recommend this to be a movie to watch on family movie night with younger siblings.

Overall, I found this movie pretty good and would recommend it to anyone who may want a laugh and to get into the Halloween spirit.