Among Us: The Perfect Quarantine Game

Carlos E. Sanchez, Managing Editor

Among us is a game where there are two imposters and eight crewmates. The crew must complete their tasks and figure out who the imposters are while the imposters have to sabtaoge and kill everyone. It is essentially the mafia game, but with cute astronauts. It has been out for over two years, yet just recently it has blown up in popularity. It has become so big that the developers at Innersloth had to double their severs. The gameplay is very simple but at the heart of the game lies the meetings. The meetings are what makes the game. They can be activated by reporting a body or pressing the big red button in the middle of the spawn. This is where you must argue and clear your name to figure out who the imposters are. And if you are an imposter, you have to try your hardest to prove your “innocence.” These meetings have led to countless memes, arguments, and hilarious moments. While this game is fun with random people, it is best when you are with friends.

Thanks to the expanded servers, it is super easy to set a private room and give the code to your friends. You can even use Discord voice chat instead of the in game chat. This is what makes it a perfect quarentine game. It is a silly game that can also be really intense, especially when it is down to just three a few people left. The game became popular again hanks to the magic of youtube and twitter. Some streamers started playing it on live, and suddenly now everyone is playing it. What makes it even more popular is the fact that it is free on mobile, and unlike most other free games, the ads arent unbearable. Unlike most other modern games, this one doesn’t have crazy gameplay or insane graphics. It’s just a simple and fun game that everyone can enjoy. You can even customize your astornauts’s color and give them a silly hat.

This game has brought a lot of friends together during this time where we are all apart. My friend and I run a discord sever where we play this game a lot, and each time we play its a lot of screaming and laughing. Even though this game is two years old, the power of the internet has brought it back into the limelight. And while twitter is already hating on it because its popular (which is what twitter does), the game will forever be a cult classic that anyone can enjoy. Recentley, Innersloth has announced that they are working on an Among Us two which is really exciting. This game and it’s sequel (whenever it comes out) will be loved and cherished by the internet for years to come.